Z. Mann Zilla Package Deal

Right now, we are offering a special deal featuring Z. Mann Zilla’s book and lecture, Reading Tarot on Social Media.

Get BOTH the book and lecture for only $20! :boom:

Why have we created this amazing deal?

Because we truly believe that these resources will help you build your online following and allow your readings to reach more people.

You will learn how to research social media platforms, set up a camera-friendly reading space, create eye-catching posts, build your follower base, encourage engagement, and get paid for your efforts.

Whether you want to learn how to present your tarot skills to the world, or you seek new ways to increase your visibility and engage your audience, we highly recommend reading this book and watching the lecture.

Due to limited stock, only 7 sets of this book and lecture remain.

You can learn more about this promotion here:

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Thank you to everyone who picked up this deal. I hope @ZMannZilla’s book and lecture will elevate your online readings.

Until next time! :v:

William Rader