What Are Your Favorite Tarot Spreads?

@PaperMoon suggested that we start a topic where we can share our favorite spreads. I typically read with a simple spread with only one, two, or three cards. However, I’ve been exploring the Tirage en Croix tarot spread.

@TarotClarity explains this spread and gives an example of a reading in her videos here:

and here:

What spreads do you typically use for your readings?

Do they differ if you read for yourself or for a client?


Usually I use the 3 card spread.
In our Courses apart from that, we also teach how to read the tirage en croix (although a bit altered), the choices spread and the Cartomantic Tableaus, which is a tremendous tool when reading the cards.


How do you alter the Tirage en Croix? And what is the choices spread?

I tend to stick with a sweet spot of 3 to 5 cards, unless I am doing something specific.

I really like this spread that BlushingNerdTarot on YT showed in a video based on Possibilities. I made a simple layout/spread to archive for myself:


Hello, William.
The Choises spread is as the name shows, about choices. This option or that option, her or her, bacon or salad, whisky or bourbon,… or whatever you may think about.
You place a signifier card and the cards for each option and then you read the cards.
It’s simple and straightforward, and in these cases, it’s very helpful.

Suppose that after a certain time in Tblisi both of you decide to move somewhere else. After a brainstorming you end up with two options. This spread would help you to decide which one is better.

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I recently ran across this version of the Tirage en Croix on the now defunct Aeclectic Tarot that I’ve used a few times. I think it’s very useful:



  1. Thesis
  2. Anthesis
  3. Synthesis
  4. Outcome
  5. Quintessence

I won’t go into detail in each of the positions since I linked the spread. I’ve already used it a few times. I like that Sophie provides sample questions for each position that you can use. It’s very “plug and play!”


3 card Yes/No spread. For when you want insight and advice to go with your answer. You get what could make the answer yes, what could make the answer a no, and what could swing it one way or the other. This is my go to spread when I need a quick answer, or people say you shouldn’t ask tarot a yes/no question or ask “should” questions.

Yes if…
No if…
Maybe if…

I find this works best if you have some agency in the outcome - Should I take the class? Can I finish this task on time? Can I justify this purchase?

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Long reading the three faces of time.
Short reading one ore three cards.

Conrad Sandor has an interesting book on the topic. Classic tarot spreads.

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