Unique Reading Practices?

I recently released a PWYW e-book called The Renegade’s Guide To Golden Girls Tarot, in which I featured both a Golden Girls-themed spread modification and a social reading game for tarot readers. I’ll share the latter here:

The Cheesecake Scene

This reading works best when everyone participating is friends with one another, and acknowledges that their connection means their fates are intertwined. I recommend no more than four participants, but this can be done with as few as two.

Pick one person to be the dealer. Have everyone, including the dealer, write their question on an index card or slip of paper. Then, the dealer reads all the questions aloud, before shuffling the tarot deck. The deck is then passed clockwise to the other participants, who cut the deck as they see fit, until it makes its way back to the dealer.

Going clockwise, starting at the left, and dealing one card at a time, the teller deals each sitting participant three face-down cards, plus one additional face-down card for each person at the reading. So, for example, if there’s four people participating, that will be a total of seven face-down cards for each participant (the base three, plus four people). Do NOT pick up or look at these cards!

Finally, continuing clockwise, each participant gets two face-up cards dealt in front of them. These are the first two cards of the reading - the first defines The Problem, and the second defines The Immediate Path.

Starting to the teller’s right, the question is re-read, and everyone takes turns interpreting what the two cards mean. Open discussion is encouraged! Once everyone comes to a general consensus, the sitter then chooses one of their friends to give The Advice. The chosen friend then selects a random card from anywhere in their pile of face-down cards, and lays their Advice to the right of the Immediate Path, completing the spread. Everyone discusses what this means.

Once that fortune is concluded, the next sitter to the immediate right repeats the process. This continues until everyone, including the teller, gets their reading. Afterwards, everyone should hug and thank each other for being a friend!

What are some fun and unusual spreads, methods, and modifications you’ve added to your readings?