The Rider-Marseille Tarot Deck - Reviews

We recently released our Rider-Marseille Tarot Deck by Alejandro R Rozan.

The Rider-Marseille Tarot harmoniously unites the Rider-Waite-Smith and Tarot de Marseille traditions. Alejandro R Rozan’s artwork bridges two iconic eras of tarot symbolism providing meaningful images that will delight, inspire, and empower readers of all skill levels.

You can learn more about the deck at the link below:

We have already had many readers share their reviews of their decks. So, I will post them below. If you find one that I miss, please share it as well. :slight_smile:

We appreciate everyone who has already ordered their deck. We look forward to seeing your readings and posts on social media. Be sure to tag us @artisantarot on Instagram, and we will share your posts on our story. :smile:

Here was the first series of reviews by @TarotClarity!

and you can watch her demonstration readings here:

Here is an in depth review by @Sibri. Enjoy!

Here is a review by Dani Mystic! She compares several decks side-by-side.

Elements of Tarot also gives her review as she compares several other RWS decks.

Dreaming Willow also shares her walkthrough here:

Thank you for sharing my videos. It’s a great deck! ~ Marilyn

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That’s fantastic news about the release of your Rider-Marseille Tarot Deck! It sounds like a beautiful fusion of two iconic Tarot traditions, and Alejandro R Rozan’s artwork must truly enhance the experience for readers of all levels.