The Pyramid Spread

Another Majors Only using all 22 Majors is the Cadillac Spread, You can read details about it here in Mary K Greer’s blog. It’s from Jean-Claude Flornoy’s book Seeing the World: Tarot Signposts on the Path to Perception. (I don’t have this book, unfortunately, but she provides a link to it in her blogpost.)

Here is my question: “What can I do to be more successful studying in my paramedic course?” And below is the spread. (There were only five cards that “chained”)

XVIIII. Temperance in the House of the Fool It’s difficult not to see this card as “patience,” something I can use more of. I have the tendency to try and cram as much information as possible as quickly as possible as I am able. I get nervous if I can’t remember everything immediately and easily get frustrated. It’s definitely a form of anxiety, a fear of failure. As testing time looms, it is not a fun time for me!

VII. Chariot in the House of Temperance Chariot is “control.” The more time I try to control the situation, however, the more the reigns tend to slip out of my grasp. This card is advice to temper these feelings, take a breath and allow time for mental health breaks. Coincidentally, “trying to control the situation” is an answer to one of the practice test questions! (I believe the question is “Which is a form of negative stress the paramedic may feel?” lol)

I. Magician in the House of Chariot The image in the card may very well correspond to our modern-day pencil-and-paper, textbook, and a laptop. I have the ability and the tools, all I need to do is take advantage of them. It is easy for me to psyche myself out. The Magician allows for an avenue for the Chariot’s need for control to be channeled into a more manageable outlet. It will take some creativity to accomplish the task of alleviating my stress. The Empress is here to assist.

III. Empress in the House of Magician As a guide to the Magician’s finagling, the Empress appears to provide creative energy for my study techniques. Empress is all about being more forward-thinking. The “III” blossoms with new ideas. These two together make a happy couple in this context. Getting back to the basics, reading and writing (the Magician holds a wand, which reminds me of a writing implement) is the plan. I took note of the Magician’s bag, which is closed, and its mirroring in the Empress’ shield, which is sealed: both which represent my laptop. Electronic materials will not be too much of assistance in preparing me for the test, another indication to “get back to basics.” Good old fashioned “Three R’s” is the best approach. (Yes, there is arithmetic, or drug calculations in the test, too!)

0. Fool in the House of Empress Again, the advice here is to go back to the beginning (i.e., the Fool) and to reevaluate my studying technique. There are volumes of material, so it’s unrealistic to memorize everything in the textbook. The best I can do is refamiliarize myself. The test bank questions come from information from all three major publishers, so the answers aren’t necessarily from our textbook, anyway. The number III is significant. Reading the material three times is the best strategy to overcome the obstacle of being overly stressed about feeling unsuccessful in studying adequately.

I have already begun to see an improvement in my practice tests. I have re-read my textbook twice and I am in the process of reading it the third time. I have handwritten my notes from the study guide and then re-typed my handwritten notes into a Word document. Although my practice scores (the “raw” scores) remain relatively low, the percentile is slowly going up. I will report back after I have taken the exam as feedback!


This spread is awesome!
I’ve used it many times and I loooove it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


To follow up, I scored an 82% on my test! My strategy must have worked :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing your example! That’s really cool that it made a difference in your test results :raised_hands:

I have the french version of the book and even saw Mary K Greer’s post before, but it was a little while ago and totally forgot about this spread. It’s great, I love the addition of the “house” reading technique.