The Moon from the Jacques Vieville Tarot

As you know, @Krisztin recreated the Jacques Vieville Tarot. As part of the process, she studied the history of the cards to better understand what is taking place in each one.

She recently wrote a blog post about the lady spinning wool in The Moon. You can read the post here: The Moon from the Jacques Vieville Tarot — Artisan Tarot

Do you have any other information about this card?

Does understanding the time period for when these cards were created influence your interpretations?


Thanks for sharing this. I missed this blog post. I really need to get the Vieville deck. I don’t have many TdM decks in general, and I’ve always liked the look of the Vieville. This take on The Moon card is more interesting to me, than say the Dodal. This gives it more of a femine energy, which I reacted to a lot in the Tarot des Ambiguites.

My wife does spinning, with treadle, but also with drop spindles similar to the depicted. Knowing the history of the card, and the process of spinning in general… and just the associations with the words, spinning, yarn, etc. would make me definitely read this card differently.

In the blog post, the cards assiciated with the spinning seem to have been more related to The Sun card, is there any understanding as to why this is in The Moon card in the Vieville deck instead of the more traditional Moon approaches?