The Jean Dodal Complete Package is Back!

We’re thrilled to announce that a range of exciting new products is on the horizon. However, as we gear up for these releases, our storage space is becoming limited. So, your support would be invaluable in creating room for these upcoming items.

To address this, we’re reintroducing the Jean Dodal Complete Package at a special price. This offer not only gives you a fantastic deal, but also assists us in making way for our forthcoming releases.

The Jean Dodal Complete Package includes:

  1. Jean Dodal Tarot Deck - $53
  2. Jean Dodal Altar Cloth - $18
  3. Flower Lapel Pin - $13

If you were to purchase these separately, they would cost $84.

However, right now, you can get everything for only $53.
This means you will receive the altar cloth and lapel pin for free!

This is a fantastic opportunity to delve into Marseille Tarot for the first time, get a spare deck, or give an amazing gift to a friend.

You can get the complete package here:

We appreciate your help in freeing up space!

William Rader
Krisztin Kondor

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