Tarot Readings Practice: Sunday, June 30

For this month’s practice, we continue to keep things simple.

While we often consider the tarot as a tool for providing answers, we can also use it to generate questions too. A question can ground your readings and give them context. It can ignite your intuition and inspire your imagination.

We do not always know what to ask the cards, so we leave the subject open. While this can be enlightening and interesting on some occasions, it can also mean that the reading could be focused on many things and determining which is most important can be confusing.

When we do not have a question, we might draw a card and ask the tarot what question is most important. I will be sharing ways in which we can do this and we will use our time together to explore the subject and practice.

In this session, we will all draw two cards - one as a question and one as an answer.

Secondly, we will pair up, with each person pulling a question card from their own deck and their partner pulling a card to answer it.

For this session, you will only need a shuffled deck. I will be using Tarot des Ambiguities by Alejandro Rozan.

I had such fun with you all last session. I look forward to seeing you all again and hopefully making some new friends too!



Count with me, Steve.
I’ll be there on Sunday 30 :grinning:

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look forward to seeing you! Hoping it will be another inspiring and fun session.

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I’m really looking forward to this. I do work Sunday mornings but I’m going to try my best to get done early. So if I’m late it’s not because I’m ungrateful for your time and energy. Hopefully it won’t be too disruptive?

Hey Steve,

You are welcome to join us whenever you can. It won’t be disruptive at all. We will loop you in when you arrive. :slight_smile:

Hope to see you there, Steve!


Thanks for everyone who joined the meet last night.

We looked at how pulling a card could inspire a question, rather than an answer.

Here are some of examples of questions, one for each of the cards. Allow it to inspire you to create your own. This list is simply to show you how it is done. You would then pull another card to answer the question posed by the first.

Major Arcana

The Fool: What new adventure or journey should I embark on?

The Magician: How can I harness my skills and talents to manifest my goals?

The High Priestess: What is my intuition trying to tell me?

The Empress: How can I nurture and cultivate abundance in my life?

The Emperor: What aspects of my life need more structure and discipline?

The Hierophant: What traditions or teachings should I explore?

The Lovers: What choices or relationships need more alignment with my values?

The Chariot: How can I harness my determination to overcome obstacles?

Strength: Where do I need to apply inner strength and compassion?

The Hermit: What inner wisdom or self-discovery should I seek?

Wheel of Fortune: How can I best navigate the cycles of change in my life?

Justice: What area of my life requires more fairness and balance?

The Hanged Man: What perspective shift could bring new understanding?

Death: What transformation or ending is necessary for new growth?

Temperance: How can I achieve harmony and balance?

The Devil: What is holding me back that I need to break free from?

The Tower: What false structures or beliefs need to be dismantled?

The Star: Where can I find hope and inspiration?

The Moon: What hidden truths or fears need to be addressed?

The Sun: How can I embrace joy and positivity?

Judgement: What is calling me to awaken and transform?

The World: How can I achieve completion and fulfillment?

Minor Arcana


Ace of Wands: What new inspiration or creative endeavor should I pursue?

Two of Wands: What plans should I make for future growth?

Three of Wands: What opportunities should I look forward to?

Four of Wands: How can I celebrate my achievements?

Five of Wands: What challenges or competition am I facing?

Six of Wands: How can I achieve recognition for my efforts?

Seven of Wands: Where do I need to stand my ground?

Eight of Wands: What action should I take swiftly?

Nine of Wands: How can I protect my boundaries while persisting?

Ten of Wands: What burdens do I need to release?

Page of Wands: What new idea or adventure should I explore?

Knight of Wands: Where should I direct my passion and energy?

Queen of Wands: How can I embody confidence and enthusiasm?

King of Wands: How can I lead with vision and inspiration?


Ace of Cups: How can I open my heart to new emotional experiences?

Two of Cups: What partnership or relationship needs my attention?

Three of Cups: How can I foster joy and connection with others?

Four of Cups: What opportunities am I overlooking?

Five of Cups: How can I heal from past disappointments?

Six of Cups: What memories or past experiences can I learn from?

Seven of Cups: What dreams or possibilities should I explore?

Eight of Cups: What should I walk away from to find fulfillment?

Nine of Cups What desires or wishes are coming to fruition?

Ten of Cups: How can I create lasting happiness and harmony?

Page of Cups: What creative or emotional message should I pay attention to?Knight of Cups: Where should I follow my heart?

Queen of Cups: How can I nurture my emotional well-being?

King of Cups: How can I lead with compassion and emotional intelligence?


Ace of Swords: What truth or clarity should I seek?

Two of Swords: What decision am I avoiding?

Three of Swords: How can I heal from heartbreak or sorrow?

Four of Swords: Where do I need rest and recovery?

Five of Swords: What conflicts or battles are causing me distress?

Six of Swords: What transition or journey should I make?

Seven of Swords: What strategies should I use to navigate a tricky situation?

Eight of Swords: How can I break free from self-imposed limitations?

Nine of Swords: What anxieties or fears are keeping me up at night?

Ten of Swords: What painful ending do I need to accept?

Page of Swords: What new ideas or challenges should I explore?

Knight of Swords: Where should I focus my drive and ambition?

Queen of Swords: How can I use my intellect and clarity to solve a problem?

King of Swords: How can I lead with wisdom and authority?


Ace of Pentacles: What new opportunity for prosperity should I pursue?

Two of Pentacles: How can I better balance my resources and responsibilities?

Three of Pentacles: How can I collaborate effectively to achieve my goals?

Four of Pentacles: What am I holding onto too tightly?

Five of Pentacles: How can I overcome feelings of lack or insecurity?

Six of Pentacles: How can I give and receive more generously?

Seven of Pentacles: What investments or efforts need my patience?

Eight of Pentacles: How can I improve my skills and craftsmanship?

Nine of Pentacles: How can I enjoy the fruits of my labor?

Ten of Pentacles: How can I build lasting wealth and legacy?

1Page of Pentacles: What new practical or financial venture should I explore?

Knight of Pentacles: Where should I apply steady and diligent effort?

Queen of Pentacles: How can I nurture my home and resources?

King of Pentacles: How can I lead with stability and abundance?


Many thanks for taking the time to write all this information and prompts. I’m sure it has taken you a while.
It was great to share with you all on the Zoom meeting.
Already awaiting for the next one!
Greetings from Spain :grinning:


I am so pleased you are are enjoying these sessions. They are a lot of fun and I am noticing that people are getting a lot out of them, not just in terms of learning, but emotionally too.

Excited to see you all again on the next one.

Thanks for your support! It’s much appreciated!


Thank you Steven! I immediately started using these. I look forward to next month :star_struck:


Thanks Kely! It was great to work with you last night. There were so many wonderful insights in the group!


Thank you for posting all the questions Steven, it’s super helpful. I tried to join the group but my prep cook cut his finger and I got called back to work. Hopefully next time!

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