Tarot Cards that indicate Love

Love is probably the ‘star’ theme in Tarot readings. In our new video in YouTube we focus on which arcana (both Majors and Minors) can specifically indicate this topic. Although, of course, a tarot spread can give us complete information on this subject despite the fact that none of these cards we are talking about in this video come out.

Obviously all cards used in this video were made by Artisan Tarot!

We already talked about the Lover Card in a previous video and explained why it doesn’t indicate Love. You can watch it here: TAROT CARDS: HOW TO READ THE LOVER CARD IN THE TAROT DE MARSEILLE | TUTORIAL - YouTube

Which cards do you prefer to see in a Tarot Reading about Love?

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I like 2 of Cups because it indicates friendship at the root of a relationship and I think, for a long term relationship, you have to be friends as well as lovers. I can also see The Star as a nice touch indicating direction and hope in the future.


Hi there, Nancy.
Many thanks for your answer and for sharing your opinion :grinning: