How Do You Display and Store Your Decks?

I would love to know how you display and store your tarot decks.

Do you display your decks with stands, boxes, or stack them a configuration?

Do you store your decks in boxes, pouches, bags, wraps, or just toss them in a drawer?

Are there any ways that you want to display or store your decks that aren’t currently available?

I would love to see photos of your collections. So, please share those as well. :smiley:

This is most of my collection, displayed on a shelf above my desk. The bottom row is where I usually stage my most frequently used decks, size permitting. I like to try and keep the original boxes whenever possible, however tuckboxes wear out pretty quickly, so any time I see a nice looking box or tin, I grab it. I definitely prefer to store my decks in a hard case, although I do have a few in pouches, usually because that’s just how they came to me. My Juggalo Deck pouch, for example, was hand make by the original creator. I’ve also made my own duct-tape wallets for a few decks.


I’m very fussy about my decks. I do not expose them to light as they might fade, so I keep them in furniture. I have hundreds of decks so they are in a few different cabinets. I lay them flat in their boxes and keep humidity at around 46%. A few decks are in pouches because I thoughtlessly discarded the packaging back when it was the trend to do so. Attached is a photo of one of the cabinets my best decks are stored in. It was my grandfather’s radio cabinet from the 1920s.


Hey @marilyn.dauria!

Your cabinet looks amazing! Can you give us a peek of what it looks like inside?


I’m afraid it’s rather lack-luster but practical. Because the interior of my cabinet only has one shelf, I use tubs and baskets to lay my decks. The bottom tub appears empty because most of its contents is on my tarot table in preparation for a video I’m working on. If I can find the link to the video I’ve created of my tarot parlor, I’ll post it.


How I store my tarot decks continued.

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