Free Community Zoom Sessions - Every Third Saturday

We are getting ready to start a monthly community zoom session. These will be completely free to attend. We plan on hosting them on the third Saturday of every month at 9:00AM PT | 12:00PM ET.

Our first session will take place on Saturday, September 16th. You can learn about it and register here:

These sessions will have a flexible format where we can discuss various topics each month. I’m thinking about highlighting specific decks, reading systems, and perhaps even practicing giving each other readings.

I would like to learn what you would like to get out of these sessions. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

What would you like to learn?
What topics would you like to discuss?
What type of format would you enjoy?

Talk with you soon,

William Rader


The topics you mentioned are great, but I’d also enjoy hearing about upcoming Artisan Tarot projets, maybe new decks, new artists, projects? Artisan Tarot’s community may also enjoy to get to know other members who wish to present themself briefly, if they have anything to bring: information, aptitude, annonce, work, etc. Thanks. Alexandre

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Hello everyone
I think a zoom meeting is a great idea, and the opportunity to learn more about whats going on at AT, plus getting to know other community members.
Im quite a new tarot reader, so any tips and teachings on how to read more intuitively would be great, along with the best way to read for others remotely, and i thunk zooms are always a good way to support each other.
What about recording it, so members who miss the live could wach a replay? Or even if you have attended live, its always so much better to be able to re-listen, to get a better understanding of what’s been discussed or taught.
Thanks for doing this :pray::sparkling_heart:

I appreciate your feedback!

I think these sessions will be a great opportunity to chat about our new releases and hold sessions around them. I think this will be a fun way to share practical ways to use our decks and other magical items.

I would like this to be a way for our community to get to know each other better. So, it may be helpful to open it up for attendees to introduce themselves. I think this also dependent on how many people join us.

As far as recording the sessions, I think this is definitely a possibility. We will just need to think about the best way to release them, whether that’s on YouTube or some other channel.

Please let me know if you have any other thoughts about these community sessions!


I just watched the first zoom session online cause I was fever sick when it was live and oh boy I want all of these decks and items!

Here are some ideas and suggestions for the next sessions:

  1. Open readings with Tarot des Ambiguites. It would be very interesting to see what will come up.

  2. Readings with the I Ching cards. Let’s see this system in practice.

  3. ESP (and Telepatha) cards. I’d like to learn more about how they work. And I’d like the idea of the participants practicing it live, if possible.

  4. Patterns on TdM and especially on Trumps. Let’s spot them and discuss. How important are they in opening readings? Let’s compare same cards between different decks.
    Archetypes in TdM. Do they really matter in open readings and why?

  5. Could you read us a few parts of some of your released books and then discuss them? I would like to see how the following books could help me:
    *The Castle of Crossed Destinies
    *Reading Tarot on Social Media
    *Everything from Enrique Enriquez

  6. And here are some maybe more philosophical questions to discuss: How individuality affects readings? Do we need to avoid personal reflections when reading for others? And if yes how to accomplish that? How accurate our readings can be in a universe that’s moving and changing constantly? What should we be aware of when it comes to fortune telling vs council questions?

I hope at least I gave you some inspiration and I’m looking forward to the next sessions.

For those who missed our first community session, you can watch it here:

Thank you @Anna_Sibylla for all of your suggestions. I think we can definitely cover a lot of these topics in our upcoming sessions.

As for the books, here is a post about the Castle of Crossed Destinies. I think it will give you a better understanding on how it can help you read the cards:

Also, here is an interview with Enrique Enriquez where he discusses Beautiful Bullshit.

We hope to see you in our next community Zoom session!

William Rader

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I really enjoyed the zoom meeting. It’s great to see what you have coming up and the I Ching deck looks amazing. I’d also really like to see some readings with the I Ching cards. It’s a system i’m not familiar with, so seeing it action would be fun.

Since you asked for topic suggestions for future zoom meetings, I’d also be interested in hearing from Z Mann Zilla about using “non-traditional” decks or game pieces for readings, especially what makes some game decks better for reading than others. I have a Sesamero deck and I’ve been working on a system for using Magic the Gathering cards. I’ve also been playing around with Rory’s Story Cubes. Tarot will alway be my first love, but experimenting with other options has improved my tarot readings.

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