F. F. Solesio Trumps Deck - Reviews

We recently released our F. F. Solesio trumps deck. This is a restoration of the cards based on the tarot printed in Genoa, Italy by F. F. Solesio in 1865.

This deck includes the twenty-two trump cards plus the two of coins. The titles of the cards are in the original Italian. This first edition is limited to 500 decks. Each deck is individually numbered on the seals.

We have already had many readers share their reviews of their decks. So, I will post them below. If you find one that I miss, please share it as well. :slight_smile:

We appreciate everyone who has already ordered their deck. We look forward to seeing your readings and posts on social media. Be sure to tag us @artisantarot on Instagram, and we will share your posts on our story. :smile:

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@TarotClarity posted the fist reviews of our deck. In Marilyn’s first video, she reviews the deck and talks about each card. She then gives a reading demonstration with the Tirage en Croix tarot spread.

In her second video, Marilyn compares our restoration with a facsimile edition. This is a great way to see how Krisztin restored the details within the images. You’ll also see how the size of our deck makes a perfect travel companion.

Marilyn mentions that she likes the card back design. Krisztin based it on the original deck that is found in the British Museum. You can view the cards and the back design at the link below.

Click here to view the original cards in the online collection at the British Museum.

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@Sibri from The Hermit’s Cave posted the next review of our F. F. Solesio deck and Momentum playing cards. This is a great video to watch if you want to see the quality of the cards and a close up of each card.

He also briefly compares the F. F. Solesio deck to another Tarocco Piemontese deck. You can see that the images are quite similar, but some are reversed.

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We are happy that TarotOracle has now reviewed our deck!

You can watch it below.

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Our friend Cesar from @78puertas has posted a wonderful review in Spanish. :smile:

You can watch it here:

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Hello, William and everyone.
In our video review of the Trumps deck we’ve received a comment saying that F. F. Solesio could mean “Fabbrica Fratelli Solesio”.
Fabbrica = Factory or Made by
Fratelli = Brothers

So it would be Made by Solesio Brothers of Solesio Brothers Factory.

I think it has plenty of sense. :ok_hand:

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