Decks by Artisan Tarot - WHICH DO YOU READ MOST WITH?

I assume that many of us are here on this exciting forum, because we appreciate the contribution The Artisan Tarot have already made (and are continuing to make) into making historic tarots available and accessible! :heart_eyes:
I’m a deck person (I love my cards!), so I’m so curious to know WHICH decks by Artisan Tarot (William & Kristzin & most recently Alejandro) you own and which are the ones you read with mostly???
Maybe you use different ones to read for yourself and others … and maybe you acquired some as a collector’s item … So yeah, LET’S TALK DECKS!

I will share my answer to my own questions in a couple of days… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I tend to use the pocket sized Convers the most. It’s so convenient and looks excellent!

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Oh, I didn’t know they had a pocket Conver! :star_struck::heart_eyes:

So far I only own the Tarot des Ambiguites, the Jean Dodal and the Jean Noblet trumps. I need to pick up the Vieville and Conver. And I really want the ESP decks.

As for most used, if there was a counter… probably the Dodal overall, but I was really using the Ambiguites a lot. I felt an instant connection with that deck. I actually was using it so much that I kind of put it to the side for a bit… I am sure not for too long.

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I have the Conver, the Dodal, the Noblet and the Vieville.
Also the Tarot des Ambigüités.

The one I use the most out of these is most probably the Conver, and the Dodal very close to that, although it’s true that I don’t keep a record of this.

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I have the Conver, the Dodal, the Noblet and the Vieville. I usually use Dodal at home. But I carry the Noblet trumps with me when I go out, so I also use them a lot.


I use my Noblet trumps deck to carry my bus pass, so I always have it on me. Up until I got the TdA, I also used my full-deck Noblet so frequently that the tuckbox is starting to disintegrate, lol. But yeah, the Tarot Des Ambiguites is basically my go-to Artisan Tarot deck now.


The Artisan Dodal and Noblet are my go to decks, with the Dodal having a slight edge over the Noblet.

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Yes, most recently I have been reaching for the Noblet Majors (it’s just so convenient to carry around with), along with the Tarot des Ambigüités & the Vieville (those PURPLES! ).

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@Mascha Yes, it was one of the first decks that we released. If I remember correctly, we only printed 500 decks and they quickly sold out.

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