Best Tarot de Marseille decks for beginners

A question that we are often asked by our Tarot students is which TdM deck we recommend to begin with, which one we recommend as the first Marseille Tarot.
As we all know, there are many different decks in the market, and every person might feel better with a certain deck and not with a different one. But bearing that in mind, we have selected a Top 5 of these decks that according to our experience we recommend to our students.
You can watch the video here:

As you can notice, one of them is the Conver by Artisan Tarot.

Which one was your first ever Tarot de Marseille deck?

I know that most probably you will have a different opinion and that you would include other decks.
Feel free to share your opinion! Tell us which decks would you recommend and why?